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We’re a global tech-enabled career advancement platform that specializes in cyber security and professional development skills training for private junior boarding and secondary schools within the U.S.


Why TFU Academy?

The difference between us and any other program out there is that we started at a disadvantage, which is our greatest strength. We understand how to position ourselves in a highly competitive market so we stand out from the competition. We leverage our experience to provide our students with the knowledge, structure and resources needed to secure a future in Cyberspace.

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Persue A Career In Cyber Security
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We implement our own formula for success known as the 4EEE'S in order to drive successful outcomes.


Learn more about The Freedom Unit’s flagship program and how TFU Academy can help you kickstart your career in Cyber Security.

Education Institutions

Our extensive internship program simulates a world-class corporate experience that exposes students to careers in Cyber Security and Information Technology.

Students Individuals

 We offer training with the latest industry tools in order to ensure our students can identify with the most in-demand roles and responsibilities of the world today and in the future.

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Why Pursue A Career In Cyber Security?

With a huge demand for cybersecurity talent and shortage of qualified professionals, TFU Academy provides the latest cutting edge training using industry standard toolsets and best practices.

Cyberspace provides a bulletproof career as there is currently a 0% percent unemployment rate and over 3.5 million unfilled jobs worldwide. As we continue to migrate and adopt a more digital world, the opportunities are endless as cybersecurity serves as the front line of defense and backbone to every organization and industry we know today.

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