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Our extensive internship program simulates a world class corporate experience that exposes students and individuals to the Career opportunities in Cyberspace. We offer coaching and training with the latest industry tool sets in order to ensure our students can identify with the most in-demand roles and responsibilities of the world today and in the future.

Why TFUAcademy?

The difference between us and any other program out there is that we started at a disadvantage which is our greatest strength. We understand how to position ourselves in a highly competitive market so we stand out from the competition. We leverage our experience to provide our students with the knowledge, structure and resources they need to be successful.

Why Pursue A Career In Cyber Security?

With a huge demand for CyberSecurity talent and shortage of qualified professionals, TFUAcademy provides the latest cutting edge training using industry standard toolsets and best practices.

Cyber Security provides a bullet proof career as there is currently a zero percent unemployment rate and over 3.5 million unfilled jobs worldwide. As we continue to migrate and adopt a more digital world, the opportunities are endless as Cyber Security serves as the front line of defense and backbone to every organization and industry we know today.

Learn Industry Recognized Skills and Toolsets

Cyber Threat Intelligence, Threat intelligence, or Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI), is information an organization uses to understand the threats that have, will, or are currently targeting their organization. CTI is a highly sought after skill-set that adds value across all security teams whose primary function is to protect an organization's assets. Threat Intelligence skills is the top most in-demand cybersecurity skills for 2021.

What Students Will Learn?

TFUAcademy provides the hands-on and practical skills training needed to kickstart a career in Cyber Security. We offer an accelerated training program for schools to provide to their students with or without a technical background. Upon completion of our program, we make sure all students know how to articulate their skills, highlight their success and impact whether that be in the form of a professionally written resume or in an interview.


Included in Your TFUAcademy Experience

Internship Program

Our extensive internship program simulates a world-class corporate experience that exposes students to Cyber Threat Intelligence research, investigations and analysis.

Real Responsibilities

Students CTI interns will produce reports to upper management and c-suite executives in the form of deliverables.

Industry Recognized Tools

Students interns will learn to utilize industry standard Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) toolsets.

Professional Resume Writing

Our Professional Resume Writing Service consists of a one-page resume that is ATS compliant and will include precise grammar, an updated layout using advantageous formatting, and strong verbiage that will speak to our students skills, success and impact.

LinkedIn Profile Optimization

Our LinkedIn Profile Optimization service involves creating and optimizing students LinkedIn profile's to attract recruiters and hiring managers to their page. We will design a high performing profile which is keyword optimized.

Career & Interview Coaching

Our Career & Interview Coaching service includes unlimited personalized coaching sessions with a TFUAcademy interview expert. Our team will help you prepare for interviews so students are confident speaking on their strengths and experience.

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What Are The Benefits?

Develop Cybersec Baseline

Understatement to posit that cybersecurity is now a key component of any modern business plan. From the threat of cyberattacks, to adhering to government-regulated compliance requirements.

Cyber threat intelligence Intern

Threat Intelligence capabilities and coverage to fill identified gaps in our completion of customer requirements to deliver the most comprehensive, contextually rich, actionable intelligence.

Hands-on Learning

Beyond simply leading to better engagement, hands-on learning allows students to practice the skills that they have already learned.

Professional Resume

We’ll talk about getting creative in order to stand out in a minute. But the most basic principle of good resume formatting and design? Keep it simple. Use a basic but modern font, like Helvetica, Arial, or Century Gothic.

Interview Coaching

Are you looking for a new job, a career change, a job promotion or maybe you just want a good performance review? Learn how to stand out from the crowd with interview coaching from Interview Techniques.

One-on-one interview coaching

The interview is often the most difficult part of the job search process. Preparing for an interview is often difficult because you don’t really know exactly what questions the hiring manager or interviewer will ask.